Bldc Fan VS Normal Fan | In-Depth Analysis 2022

Ever questioned what makes your ceiling followers so cool? No, not simply by way of the cool air but the ultra-smart know-how that makes them so environment friendly. Modern-day followers are geared up with good know-how and an interesting aesthetic design. They deck up your properties as masterpieces and never only a piece of cooling equipment.

Talking about know-how, the BLDC followers are making a buzz within the fan trade. Here, we deliver you detailed comparability between the BLDC followers and their conventional counterparts i.e regular followers on varied features. Finally, we share with you a few of the finest manufacturers that supply BLDC followers available in the market that will help you make an ideal selection on your homes.

What is BLDC Fan Technology?

bldc fan vs normal fan
bldc fan vs regular fan

BLDC fan know-how is making a buzz available in the market. It is vitality environment friendly and helps in cost-cutting over electrical energy payments. A brushless direct present motor (BLDC) capabilities on direct-current electrical energy. BLDC motors include everlasting magnets relatively than electromagnets utilized in induction motors.

The everlasting magnet accommodates much less warmth loss and vitality in comparison with electromagnets. A BLDC motor converts alternate present into DC. That works at energy fluctuations and on low voltage. The BLDC Fan Technology in Energion Stylus helps save vitality and makes your front room extra fashionable and aesthetic.

The BLDC motor has three working parts: the rotor, stator, and shaft. It makes use of a sequence of gears to transform electrical into mechanical vitality. A BLDC fan driver attains their energy from SMPS.

Advantages and Disadvantages of BLDC Fan

Like each know-how has two sides: BLDC followers even have benefits and drawbacks.

Advantages of BLDC followers

1. Traditional Ceiling followers run on AC motors. Yet, followers with BLDC know-how use brushless DC engines that minimize energy consumption by 65%.

2. BLDC winding has thick copper cables to make sure an extended lifespan with low winding points. These followers don’t get overheated.

3. The carbon brushes are absent from the rotor and the stator of the BLDC fan. Hence, there is no such thing as a hidden upkeep price concerned within the alternative of brushes.

4. BLDC followers keep excessive torque to safe high-quality efficiency.

5. An induction motor has carbon bruises that create friction, which creates noise. A BLDC fan has zero friction, therefore creating minimal noise.

6. BLDC motors comprise digital management techniques. That promotes fewer prospects of collapse due to put on and tear. An induction motor fan has a mechanical commutation unit.

Disadvantages of BLDC followers

1. BLDC followers are costly in comparison with an induction motor fan. The setup includes an digital controller in BLDC. An atypical fan motor has an affordable mechanical commutation system.

2. BLDC followers produce minimal vibrations at low voltage, which causes resonance. But, it’s adjustable.

3. The BLDC know-how is new to followers, and it’s tough to seek out an skilled technician to put in it.

4. BLDC motor has sophisticated wiring to put in. Because of the presence of an digital management unit that hyperlinks to electromagnets

Importance of BLDC fan in Day to Day Life

Fans are an integral a part of each particular person’s life, regardless of climate. We don’t understand that the fan runs for hours and consumes extra models than a fridge. Fans are the foremost contributor to our electrical energy prices.

1. BLDC followers eat thoughtful energy. It consumes a minimal present lowered by 65% in comparison with an induction motor fan.

2. BLDC motor runs on low present so can run longer on photo voltaic, common, and inverters.

3. They function on a distant management that promotes luxurious and luxury hand-in-hand.

4. BLDC followers present a consolation zone by facilitating timer and sleep mode as capabilities.

5. BLDC fan has the next-generation know-how. That facility units specs like pace discount at totally different time limits

How a lot cash does a BLDC fan save in a yr?

An atypical induction motor fan consumes about 80 Watts. A BLDC motor fan’s 35 Watt consumption. We function a fan for nearly Eight hours, 365 days per yr. Let’s assume the residential energy consumption charge is Rs 7 per unit.

A standard fan will eat round 233.6 models (80 Watts 0.08*8*365) that price round Rs 1635.2 (233.6 models * 7)

A BLDC fan consumes 87.6 models (30 Watts = 0.03*8*365) that prices round Rs 613.2 (87.6*7)

That saves us round Rs. 1022.per yr. Most followers work 8+ hours per day goes as much as 1500-2000 bucks.

What are BLDC Fans? Unwinding the Technology Behind Better Efficiency

Ceiling followers run on two sorts of motors-Brushed Motors and Brushless Motors. While the previous has been round within the trade for a number of a long time, the latter is a comparatively new entrant. 

The time period BLDC stands for Brushless Direct Current Motors. It basically includes a synchronous motor clubbed with a DC electrical supply. A complete energy provide produces an electrical sign to drive the motor.

Today, BLDC motors are a protected wager and far sought-after know-how. They promise an extended lifespan and elevated reliability.

The windings within the BLDC motor are supported by the housing. This characteristic permits the motor to chill by conduction. So, no exterior airflow is required for inner cooling, thus defending the motor from grime and international substances. Some of the prime advantages of BLDC motor followers may be listed as:

  • Lower Electricity Consumption with estimated 65% financial savings
  • Better and longer back-up on inverters
  • Increased reliability
  • Considerable discount in noise
  • Better sturdiness and longer lifespan

BLDC Fans Vs Normal Fans: A Battle of Better Performance

Why do BLDC motor followers rating nicely over regular followers? Well, as a result of by way of know-how, electrical energy consumption, noise discount, effectivity, lifespan, and varied different parameters it has an edge over the standard followers. In this detailed comparability beneath you get to see the variations between the 2 fairly vividly.

Unmatched Technologies

BLDC motor followers comprise a everlasting magnet that steers the motor not like electromagnets discovered within the standard induction motor.

The everlasting magnet know-how makes use of considerably much less energy with nearly no lack of warmth. On the opposite hand, standard induction motors use lots of energy and are topic to heating loss and poor effectivity.

BLDC Motor followers use no commutators and brushes subsequently the prevalence of mechanical put on and tear is minuscule. Moreover, the possibilities of winding failure in BLDC followers are extraordinarily low. This is as a result of they use high-quality copper wires in opposition to the low-quality aluminium wires utilized in standard followers.

Air Delivery
In phrases of air supply, each BLDC and regular followers are roughly the identical. They each have air supply charge within the vary of 230-260 CMM. BLDC followers from Atomberg has an airflow charge of round 230 CMM, whereas Usha’s new premium mannequin USHA Heleous has an airflow charge of 260 CMM.

Power Consumption: Defining Efficiency

bldc fan vs normal fan
bldc fan vs normal fan

Power consumption maybe is essentially the most direct benefit of BLDC followers,

With a median consumption of 70-80 Watts, regular followers don’t assist your energy-saving efforts. On the flip aspect, BLDC followers eat simply 28-40 Watts on common and remarkably contribute to low electrical energy payments. A 28 Watt BLDC Motor fan can contribute or translate to Rs.1500-2000 financial savings a yr which is critical financial savings for Indian households.

For instance, for those who run the fan for 10 hours a day, a standard fan would eat 75 x 10=750 watts, whereas a BLDC fan will eat simply 28 x 10=280 watts, leading to a saving of 470 watts or 0.47 models per day. If you take into account the common electrical energy cost as Rs. 9 per unit, this implies a saving of 4.23 Rs per day. This means a saving of Rs. 1543 per yr. Fans in bedrooms are doubtless for use for such a time-frame.

Out of the manufacturers, Atomberg presents the perfect vitality effectivity, with most of their fashions consuming simply 28 Watts electrical energy, whereas Superfans and Crompton eat round 35 Watts and Usha to the north of 40 watts.

The following chart offers you a greater understanding of how the ability consumption differs extensively between an Atomberg BDLC Motor fan and a conventional ceiling fan.

Speed of the FanBLDC Motor Fans Power Consumption ( Atomberg)Normal Ceiling Fan Power Consumption
16 Watts16 Watts
210 Watts27 Watts
314 Watts45 Watts
419 Watts55 Watts
528 Watts75 Watts

Inverter Operations: Back-Up Sustainability

When engaged on inverter mode standard followers, as they eat larger vitality, places an pointless burden on the inverter, thus draining its battery quicker.

BLDC followers, alternatively, eat little or no energy when working on inverters. So, you may run a number of BLDC followers concurrently all through the home

This makes BLDC followers a preferable selection for these dwelling in locations with scorching summers.

Noise Control: Redefining Silence

Normal followers little doubt make a definite buzzing sound and extra so after they run on low-budget inverters. On the opposite hand, BLDC followers make very nominal noise. No surprise they’re typically categorized as silent motor followers.

Speed Control: Regulating Air Flow

Normal followers that run on induction motors use regulators to regulate pace. The regulators work on the precept of capacitive resistance to regulate the circulation of present within the induction motors thereby growing or lowering the pace of the fan.

Speed in BLDC motor followers is managed by digitally regulating the circulation of present into the motor. Generally, BLDC motor followers run on the distant management for regulating pace relatively than the standard regulators. Atomberg presents a model- Atomberg Naveo, which may be managed utilizing the regulator.


Normal followers begin from an inexpensive value vary of Rs.1200 whereas BLDC followers are initially priced within the larger bracket of Rs.3000 and extra. However, contemplating the annual financial savings of Rs.1500-2000 that one can obtain by utilizing BLDC followers the upper value is nicely justified. In the long term, the upper upfront price of the BLDC followers may be recovered via vitality financial savings in lower than a yr.

Brands Making a Mark within the BLDC Domain

Here are a few of the huge leaders who’ve made a mark by introducing technology-driven BLDC followers in India and thus revolutionized the ceiling fan trade.

  • Versa Drives marked a foray into the world of BLDC followers by introducing the primary of its sort known as Superfan within the yr 2012. They provide all kinds of energy-efficient BLDC followers in a different colour palette and blade sizes starting from 90mm to 1400mm.
  • Atomberg Technologies is maybe essentially the most profitable model promoting BLDC followers. With a 4+star score, Atomberg sells BLDC Ceiling followers, desk followers, pedestal followers and wall followers.
  • Jupiter a widely known producer of BLDC followers is famend available in the market for its technologically superior BLDC motor followers. Four common fashions of the model include- Tricopter, Quadcopter, Kaira, and Maharaja. However, they’re but to succeed in a major attain like Atomberg.
  • Orient Fans the chief in standard ceiling followers have ventured into the BLDC Fan area with its two well-known fashions the ECO sequence and the Aeroquite.
  • Crompton’s Energion BLDC followers launched in 2019 are strong and energy-efficient followers with superior know-how and include a 5-year guarantee.
  • Havells entered the BLDC fan market section with the launch of the Efficiencia Neo within the yr 2019. They now promote quite a few different fashions too with BLDC know-how
  • Panasonic one other trusted model identify within the electrical equipment trade launched the Anchor F-12XDA BLDC Fans. These followers can function on a variety of voltage from 100-300 Volts. With a popularity for superior high quality and efficiency, they arrive with a guaranty of two years.

Undoubtedly BLDC Fans are the subsequent technology of ceiling followers in India. They don’t simply promise energy financial savings and vitality effectivity however efficiency and higher air supply that marks a revolutionary change within the fan trade for years to return.

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