11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions [Today 2022]

11 Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

A contemporary kitchen is tough to think about and not using a mixer grinder. Your mixer/ grinder is a savior of your kitchen’s battlefield. Without your meals processor or your mixer grinder, not quite a bit will be completed except you might be to revert to the previous technique of mashing substances with stones and palms.  – 9+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

When your mixer grinder malfunctions or provides you efficiency troubles, your first intuition is to name the guarantee quantity on the again. But what in case your guarantee has expired or it’s only a minor drawback which may show costly if a repairman is known as? In such circumstances, you’d need to troubleshoot and restore the machine yourselves. 

Today on this article, we’re going to cowl all of the minor damages, inconveniences and repairs which you can conduct in your mixer grinder. We are additionally going to speak concerning the widespread issues, troubleshooting methods and naturally, the ceaselessly requested questions.

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Now, again to the article, we might be itemizing down the person issues that you’d often face whereas utilizing a mixer grinder or a meals processor. Let us start with the issues of a Jar.

1. Jar Based Problems

The jar of a mixer grinder is among the most problematic of all. Sometimes it might leak or get caught or simply rust; in case of it being made out of metal or steel. Let us discover two of the most typical issues with mixer grinder jars. 

a. Jar Leakage

Let us begin with some of the apparent problems with all time. The leakage of the jar. Jar leakage might be because of both of three causes. 

  • Jar cracksOne of the foremost and apparent causes for leakage is solely a damaged jar. There is not any restore for a damaged jar however to interchange it. While you could possibly use some putty or one thing else (in case of a metal jar), it’s inadvisable to take action which could find yourself inflicting stress to the motor or trigger injury to the meals being processed contained in the mixer. 
  • Loose blades: When your jar has unfastened blades, it leaves room for air to go or something that you simply place within the jar to go down and leak out of the jar. In such circumstances, by merely tightening the blade with a fundamental screwdriver, you possibly can resolve the problem. 
  • Leakage because of rubber gasket: The rubber gasket can also be one of many main points that contribute to jar leakage. If you might be inside your guarantee interval, then go for an entire rubber gasket alternative. If not, you possibly can all the time purchase a brand new rubber gasket from an ironmongery shop.

b. Jar getting Stuck

Another drawback with the jars is that usually they get caught with the mixer grinder. This is as a result of the bearings of the jar could also be corroded or broken. 

If there may be any kind of leakage from the mixer blades, essence from the meals or liquid that’s being blended might seep under the blades. This might result in corrosion and thus a jammed jar. 

To rectify it, all it’s essential to do is place the jar the other way up, pour some oil close to the motor coupler. Let it keep for a couple of minutes after which twist the motor coupler utilizing a plier. Now after it’s fastened, run the mixer on empty for a minute after which run it with a small cup of water. Throw the water away, wipe the jar with a mushy fabric and you might be good to make use of the jar once more.

2. mixer grinder circuit breaker repair

11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020
11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

After jars, Blades are essentially the most infamous to have issues. They are the core parts of grinding as they chop, crush and churn the meals and liquids. Let us now have a look at a few of the widespread issues which might be related to the blades of a mixer grinder/ meals processor.

a. Blade stops working (or not rotating)

Sometimes, when at full velocity, the blades of the mixer grinder cease working or are very gradual in movement. This might be both irritating or provide you with poor efficiency or improperly floor meals. mixer grinder circuit breaker repair

This might both be because of the truth that meals has caught within the blades which can be one of many causes for the blades to get caught. Apart from meals particles, something that slowly builds up under the blades may cause the slowing down of the blades or eventual stopping. 

The finest strategy to resolve that is to modify off the mixer, take away the blades, wash it with heat water, and take away the junk. Once it’s clear, reassemble it and it really works effectively as new. If the problem nonetheless persists, then the issue ought to both be with the rotor or the motor itself. Get it checked up. mixer grinder circuit breaker repair

b. Blunt Blades

Another concern that comes up with grinders is that the blades flip blunt after some time of use. The finest strategy to sharpen your mixer grinder blades is with the assistance of rock salt. 

All it’s essential to do is pour some rock salt briefly jar and spin the mixer for a couple of minutes. Make positive to present just a few seconds break and proceed. Be positive to shut the lids tightly when you are grinding rock salt to forestall any sorts of accidents. 

Apart from rock salt, it’s also possible to use sharpening stones or rods for sharpening the blades. 

c. Coupler Breaking

Overloading of a mixer grinder will be one of many main motive why the blade couplers break off. This may be because of the truth that you overuse the mixer grinder. You can’t restore couplers. The easy answer is to interchange the coupler. If your product is below guarantee, then you possibly can ask for a free alternative as couplers come below guarantee. If not, it’s best to name up a certified skilled to interchange it as a substitute of doing it yourselves. 

3. Shut down of the grinder because of overload

Many new mixer grinders include a security characteristic that shuts down the machine when and if there may be any overload. This is because of the circuit breaker change that’s current in it. While it might give security to you and your grinder, at occasions, it might be irritating.

Low capability motor primarily based mixer grinders usually face the auto shut off issues. This is due to the mixers getting simply heated up once you use them for longer durations of time. 

This will also be precipitated if you’re taking place to place numerous materials to grind within the jar. In such circumstances, try to cut back the fabric. Grind two occasions as a substitute of getting it carried out in a single go. If you’re feeling that the fabric is simply too thick, dilute it (most ideally with water). Also, just remember to are giving sure cooling-off time between a batch and one other. 

If the shut down is because of overload, then cut back the load on the mixer grinder. The load doesn’t imply the amount however the utilization. Maybe give it about 30 minutes of break earlier than you go about for one more bout. If the motor isn’t that heated up, you possibly can simply give a couple of minutes of a break like stated beforehand.

Also, the air circulation and motion of air throughout the machine might additionally result in the grinder not cooling down or simply getting overheated. For this, be sure to are inserting sufficient houses between the mixer grinder’s decrease floor and the place you retain it. This will facilitate some airflow in order that the grinder can perform simply.

Regular cleansing and upkeep (oiling and many others.,) of the grinder additionally be certain that the situation of the grinder is sweet. If the problem persists, perhaps substitute the circuit breaker change which is definitely out there from any ironmongery shop.

Often than not, numerous mixer grinders shut off even when the load is low or lesser than the max. In such circumstances, it’s attainable that your grinder has incurred some servicing issues. Try approaching a technician to get it identified and promptly repaired.

4. Shut down because of Faulty Wiring

Faulty wiring can also be one of many main explanations why numerous mixer grinders shut down as effectively. While low-cost construct might be one of many causes for wiring issues, long-run utilization and overutilization might additionally result in wiring issues. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

The analysis would come with opening the mixer grinder after which inspecting if all of the wires are intact. If not, work in direction of altering the wiring. Usually, the issue could be close to the wiring of the motors which, if carried out proper will be changed by anybody. 

But if you happen to appear to be confused with the wiring, then it’s recommended that you simply method knowledgeable technicians. They will perceive extra about wiring and mixers and recommend if not provide you with an answer. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

5. Problem with Buttons

The buttons on Mixer Grinders additionally provide you with numerous hassle. More infamous are the dried up meals, batter or liquids on the buttons that trigger jamming or stickiness. When liquids, batter or different sorts of meals spill on the machines, they find yourself in between the house of the buttons. This will trigger the buttons to get caught or get sticky and tough to press and function.

You can’t immediately wipe the machine or the buttons whereas it’s plugged. First, unplug the equipment and clear it with a barely damp fabric. Then when the smudge is gone, wipe it once more with a dry fabric. If the damp fabric is unable to take away the smudge, you should utilize a previous toothbrush or perhaps a robust twig too. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

Wrapping it up:

A mixer grinder is a piece of vital equipment in your kitchen. While you could not be capable to repair a piece of very damaged equipment, we hope that this text has given you sufficient data and put together you for any sudden failures. While self-repair is a simple, quick, and easiest strategy to go about, it’s all the time beneficial that you simply ask for skilled help and help from the model you acquire the equipment from. 

Did we reply to the entire attainable questions? Did we miss out on something? Do you’ve got any particular drawback that we didn’t deal with right here? If you’ve gotten any additional query or question relating to restoring, troubleshooting, or simply something about mixer grinders, be happy to write down to us within the feedback part under. Also, don’t overlook to take a look at our purchasing guides the place we’ve listed out the perfect of vegetable choppers, stand mixers, mixers-grinders, blenders, electrical choppers, hand blenders, Wet grinders, juicers, and likewise meals processors. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

mixer grinder wiring diagram

11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020
11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

6. Leakage from Jar

The commonest drawback with a mixer grinder is undoubtedly that of leakage. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

Leakage from the jar will be precipitated because of three main causes.

We might be addressing all of the three causes to point out how one can restore mixer grinder jar your self.

Firstly, your mixer grinder might need an unfastened blade within the jar. In this case, please be certain that the blade meeting is tightened. You can try this merely with a screwdriver. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

Another widespread trigger is an issue with the rubber gasket. If your mixer grinder continues to be throughout the guarantee interval, you possibly can demand a alternative of the rubber gasket. Else, you possibly can merely substitute the previous rubber gasket with a brand new one. You can buy the brand new rubber gasket from any native ironmongery shop.

Another motive for leakage from the jar may be because of a crack n the jar itself. In such a case, you shouldn’t have another. You must substitute it all together. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

7. Blades Not Rotating at Full Speed

When we purchase a mixer grinder, we sit up for a fast churning or mixing of the meals and liquid. However, if the blades aren’t rotating (grinder not working) at full velocity, one has to attend without end to get the job carried out, and this may be very irritating.

Most usually, the blades don’t rotate at full velocity as a result of the meals particles have clogged the blade meet. This concern will be solved simply. Disassemble the blade meeting after which clear it. You can do the cleansing by soaking the blades in heat water after which scrub the blades. Once you might be carried out cleansing it, assemble the blades appropriately, and examine whether or not the blades at the moment are rotating at a full velocity or not. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

8. Blade Turning Blunt

Over time, the blades of mixer grinder get blunt.

You can sharpen the blades with the assistance of rock salt (Saindha Namak). Put some rock salt within the jar after which flip in your mixer grinder. Keep switching it off at a daily interval. Keep doing it for the following 5 minutes, and you’ll absolutely see a change within the blades. Here is a video (Hindi audio) of the reside demonstration of how you are able to do this. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

You may strive sharpening the blades with the assistance of a sharpening stone. But watch out whereas doing it to keep away from any accidents.

9. Shut Off Due to Overload

Most mixer grinders robotically shut off because of overload with the assistance of a circuit breaker change. This may be irritating, however it’s designed to maintain the mixer grinder secure and the consumer secure. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

This drawback is sort of widespread in mixer grinders with low capability motors. If you run your mixer grinder constantly for longer durations then the motor will get sizzling and it robotically will get shut off to keep away from any injury to the mixer grinder.

It may occur once you attempt to combine or grind an excessive amount of materials within the jar or the fabric is tough or very thick, or the mixer grinder is working on excessive velocity for a lengthy. Try to scale back the amount within the jar. If the fabric is simply too thick, then add some water (if that doesn’t spoil your recipe), or run the job in a number of batches. Make positive you retain a spot of jiffy in consecutive batches simply to permit the motor to chill down. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

If your mixer grinder shuts off purely because of overload, it’s time so that you can cut back the load within the mixer grinder. Keep your mixer grinder off for 30 minutes. Turn on the overload change on the backside after 30 minutes earlier than beginning the mixer grinder once more.

However, if you happen to really feel that the mixer grinder is shutting off with out an precise overload, your mixer grinder wants some servicing.

Air circulation performs an vital function in protecting your mixer grinder cool and away from overheating. Make positive that there’s sufficient house between the position space and the decrease floor of the mixer grinder. Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions

Also, just remember to clear the mixer grinder correctly and there’s no blockage wherever because of dust. If you might be nonetheless going through the problem even after correcting the place and cleansing the mixer grinder, strive changing the circuit breaker change.

10. Jar Getting Stuck

The jar within the mixer grinder can get jammed if there’s a leakage from the mixer blades. Due to this leakage, the salty water from the meals and the liquid tends to seep within the bearings of the blades. As a results of this, corrosion would possibly occur, which may result in a jammed jar. 11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

If that is the case, place your jar the other way up and pour in some cooking oil within the house of the motor coupler. Keep the jar within the upside-down place for the following jiffy.

After that, it’s essential to twist the motor coupler utilizing a plier. After tightening the motor coupler, run the mixer grinder empty for a minute after which add a little bit of water within the jar and take a look at rerunning it. Throw the water away, and you might be good to go.

11. Broken Coupler

A pair can break because of overloading and its poorly constructed. Also, a pair would possibly break if in case you have been utilizing a mixer grinder for a very long time. There is not any different answer than to interchange the damaged coupler. – 11+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

9+ Common Mixer Grinder Problems Solutions 2020

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